To view openings visit Applications are available at City Hall as well. Once you have an application on file with the Human Resources Department, you will be contacted if you have been selected for an interview.

  1. Ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations at a level commonly associated with the completion of high school or equivalent.
  2. No experience requirements.
  3. Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
  4. Ability to meet current requirements set forth by the Georgia Firefighter’s Standards and Training Council.

The Statesboro Fire Department has a duty to conduct a thorough background investigation on each applicant. This investigation includes:

    • The applicant’s work history
    • The applicant’s criminal and driver’s history
    • Professional, personal, and neighborhood references

The following standards have been set to ensure that new firefighters will not dishonor or cause distrust for the Statesboro Fire Department. Any applicant that meets any of the following standards may be immediately disqualified from employment:

    • Any attempt to misrepresent or conceal information
    • Any felony conviction or family violence conviction
    • Significant misdemeanor convictions
    • Unfavorable driving history
    • Recent illegal drug use
    • Any habitual use of any illegal drugs in the past 3 years
    • Any use of psychedelic drugs in lifetime
    • Any tattoo, brand, body art, or body modification that is deemed unprofessional, obscene, or offensive regardless of location on the body. Approved tattoos can be visible, but no tattoo, brand, body art, or body modification can be visible on the face, neck, or head. Earrings or equipment for a medical necessity may be approved at the discretion of the Fire Chief.
  1. Respond to fire alarms with assigned company; lay and connect hose; maintain pumping apparatus; manipulate nozzles and direct water streams; raise and climb ladders; ventilate burning structures; enter buildings to evacuate occupants.
  2. Operate all types of fire operation and rescue equipment including portable fire extinguishers, pike poles, hand lines, smoke ejectors, salvage covers, forcible entry tools, aerial ladder equipment, and emergency medical equipment.
  3. Preserve evidence at fire scenes.
  4. Participate in fire station housekeeping and apparatus detailing.
  5. Perform search and rescue of individuals in hazardous environments including collapsed buildings, auto accidents, hazardous material spills, and confined spaces.
  6. Attend special instruction in firefighting techniques; perform drills with other engine company staff; become familiar with city layout, established response routes, and hydrant system; prepare and maintain a variety of firefighting preplan drawings and schematics.
  7. Provide public information on fire prevention, and present at life safety education events.

We equip our personnel with modern PPE and equipment, such as:

    • Custom Spec Globe turnout gear.
    • Leather boots
    • Traditional style fire helmets. (Leather helmets are allowed as long as they meet NFPA and are approved by Fire Chief.)
    • Uniform ordering twice a year. (Shorts are authorized during summer months).

Our all Pierce Apparatus fleet is equipped with:

    • 1000 Gallon tanks/1500 GPM Waterous Pump
    • Husky CAF systems
    • Scott 4.5 SCBA’s (w/ individual masks)
    • MSA Thermal Imagers
    • Microclip multi-gas detectors
    • iPads for CAD integration
  • Firefighters are given the opportunity to have at least 240 hours of in-house training through the monthly training days as well as opportunities to attend outside training that is relevant to their assigned job duties.
  • The monthly training takes place in the department’s classroom, state-of-the-art training center, and at locations throughout the response area that require specialized or hands-on training.
  • In addition to the monthly training, we help and encourage our firefighters to achieve career development certifications such as Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, and Emergency Medical.
  1. Preparation Prepare yourself for each stage of the hiring process. Candidates who have prepared themselves always perform at a much higher level.
  2. Follow Instructions Attention to detail is a much-valued quality in a candidate. Inability to follow written and verbal instructions throughout the hiring process can result in disqualification
  3. Honesty Be completely truthful throughout the hiring process. Nobody is perfect, but we expect everyone to be honest. Being dishonest at any step of the hiring process WILL result in being disqualified from the hiring process.
  4. Communication skills Oral and written communication skills are vital in a law enforcement career. Researching and practicing professional communication skills prior to beginning the hiring process is recommended. Show us that you have command presence and carry yourself with confidence. Look Sharp, Act Sharp, Be Sharp.
  5. Knowledge of the Statesboro Fire Department and the position One of the best ways to show that you are serious about a career with the Statesboro Fire Department is to educate yourself about our agency and the duties and demands of being a firefighter. You can find information on our website, talk to our employees, and other firefighters, or even do a ride-a-long with one of our companies.
  6. Be Punctual Develop a habit of arriving early for all scheduled events in the hiring process. Excellent time management is a very desirable skill for a potential employee.
  7. Professional business attire You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. You should dress and groom professionally during any interview.
  8. Candor and Sincerity Demonstrate sincerity, candor, integrity, conviction, and honesty. Avoid giving canned responses during interviews. We know what the #1 Top Rated Interview Responses are on the internet. We want to get to know who you are, how you think, and what your values are.
  9. Know yourself. Know why you want to start a career with the Statesboro Fire Department. Know how your background, skill sets, and abilities will help you be successful. We will want to know what you can bring to our team.
  10. Be an active listener. Listen carefully to questions that are asked and think before you respond. It is ok to take a second to formulate a thoughtful, concise answer.

• Starting pay for firefighters is $39,037.00

    • Annual Performance Appraisal can result in 2-4% increases.
    • Career advancement and growth opportunities may result in increases.

• 24/48 schedule that incorporates annual training requirements

• Benefits Include:

    • City Health and Wellness Clinic
    • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance available
    • Retirement Plan plus 457(b) available
    • Health Spending Account
    • Life Insurance, short and long term disability plans

• 24-hour City Gym with access to Certified Athletic and Personal Trainers.


• Application

• Completed online at

• Eligible candidates are invited to a series of interviews

• Top candidates go through a background investigation.

• Successful candidates are given hire dates and begin training.

    • Fast-Track recruit school is available to those holding current certification.