Fire Safety Education

More than 3,500 Americans perish each year in fires and approximately 18,300 are injured. An overwhelming number of fires occur in the home. There are time-tested ways to prevent and survive a fire. It’s not a question of luck, It’s a matter of good public education.

The Statesboro Fire Department believes one of the best ways to eliminate the loss of life or property is through Public Fire Safety Education. We offer a wide variety of education opportunities such as fire safety talks, show-n-tells, tours of the station, fire extinguisher training and much more.

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Grade Specific Curriculum

In our effort to provide more effective fire safety education, the Statesboro Fire Department has implemented a lesson plan for each grade. This program allows our personnel to teach fire and life safety lessons that were specifically developed according to the age, attention span, and learning style of their audience. The program overview is as follows:

    • Pre-K through 2nd Grade – Friendly firefighter, Hot/Not Hot, Get out/Stay out
    • Early Elementary – Friendly Firefighter, Tools/Not Toys, Get Low and Go, Get Out/Stay Out
    • Late Elementary – Tools/Not Toys, Home/Kitchen Fire Safety, Smoke Alarms, Get low and Go, Get Out/Stay Out
    • Middle School – Home/Kitchen Fire Safety, Exit Drills in the Home, Making Safe and Responsible Choices, Smoke Alarms Know When and How to Call 9-1-1
    • High School – Smoke Alarms, Making Safe and Responsible Choices, Home/Kitchen Fire Safety, Firefighting as a Career